Skye Tales Now Available for Wishlist on Steam: Embark on a Whimsical Journey to Brinn

We are thrilled to announce that Skye Tales is now available to wishlist on Steam. As the release on Steam approaches, we are excited to invite even more players to explore the captivating world of Brinn. Skye Tales offers a haven for those seeking a relaxing and stress-free gaming experience, complete with delightful characters, charming puzzles, and a world filled with wonder and whimsy.

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Cosy Dragon Puzzler Skye Tales to debut on Nintendo Switch on 26th May

Welcome to a world that couldn’t be happier to see you! Puny Astronaut can today reveal that cosy and accessible puzzle game Skye Tales will launch on Nintendo Switch on 26th May. In Puny Astronaut’s debut title, players take control of Skye the friendly dragon, as they help the denizens of the beautiful valleys of Brinn by completing low-stress puzzles and glide through rich, reactive playgrounds.

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Skye Tales Key Art showing that the demo is available now and the game releases on May 26th

Welcome to Skye Tales: Comfort, Nurturing, and Playfulness at heart

With all the stress that comes with studying at University, our founders went looking for games that aren't as demanding or stress-inducing to pass their free time. In their search for relaxing games, they found there weren't as many truly relaxing games as expected and that's how Skye Tales came to be!

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