An accessible adventure

Make Skye Tales fit your specific needs

We’ve included loads of accessibility features in our game to make playing it just right for you. It’s your world to explore, and we want you to be comfortable immersing yourself in it in your way.

Through our working closely with The AbleGamers Charity, we’ve got direct feedback from players who make use of accessibility features. Hopefully you have everything you need for a smooth enjoyable trip to Brinn.

Take a look at some of the things we’ve included below. We’ve got even more features in development, but please let us know of any improvements you think we can make, or any problems you have, and look out for future updates!

High Contrast Mode

This lets you fully customize the colours for the people of Brinn, various objects, and Skye herself, with an easy to use colour wheel. And you can also customise the background brightness.

Desaturation Mode

This allows you to apply a tint to the screen using a colour wheel and lets you change the level of desaturation. 

Split Audio Channels

We’ve separated our audio into a bunch of different channels, making it possible for you to play around with the volume of different sound effects and music to find what you like best. 

No wrong way to play!

Very few games are created whose only goal is to help you relax. Our game has been carefully designed to be a soothing, engaging adventure at your own pace. No stress, no scares, no racing against the clock. It’s up to you how you spend your time with Skye and all the characters of Brinn.

If you want to solve puzzles, play with instruments, or just explore the valleys, we’re just happy you stopped by.

Customisable Difficulty

You can choose what works best for you. You have the option to toggle on/off persistent prompts and hints if you want them. These settings are adjustable anytime, so you can quickly tweak the game to suit your needs and see the difference immediately.

Reaction-Time Not Critical

Our puzzles and play don’t need you to have quick reactions. So you don’t need to quickly press a button in response to an on-screen prompt, or lock-on to a fast-moving target.

Low Pressure

There’s no time-limit, no racing against the clock so no tense tasks trying to finish a level in time.


You can’t fail or lose at any level in the game.

Save Anytime

You can save the game at any point so you can always pick up where you left off.

No Jump Scares

There are no loud noises, scary surprises or unexpected jumps appearing without warning.

Accessibility Updates

Some more features are still in development, so please let us know of any barriers you encounter by reaching out to us and look out for future updates!

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